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Masterpieces of 14th century

Beyond 60 important artworks coming from prestigious national and international collections will be exhibited in four exhibition venues: these are the numbers of the exhibition “Masterpieces of 14th century. From the yard of Giotto to the school of Spoleto” aimed at deepening the exceptional historical period between the end of 13th and mid-14th century, characterized in Umbria by a big political, religious, social and artistic ferment.

The exhibition, through the reconstruction of the corpus of artworks by anonymous masters, such as the Master by Palazze, the Master by Sant’Alò, the Master of San Felice by Giano, the Master by Cesi, the Master by San Ponziano, the Master of the Cross by Trevi, the Master of the Cross by Visso, the Master by Fossa, aims to promote a painting school that is currently little known but of great cultural interest.

The four exhibition venues (the Museum Complex of St. Francis in Trevi, the Basilica of St. Eufemia in Spoleto, the Albornoz Fortress – National Museum of the Spoleto Duchy and the Museum Complex of St. Francis in Montefalco) have been chosen because the territories where they are located have been catalysts of these masters’ activity, spots where the same masters left or had left their most valuable records.

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